Nick aka Mr. Claus

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Collab couple models with Cupkake#6666. See Mrs. Claus here

- All gestures/idle animations/ etc, FBX+Prefab included.

- Dynamic bones: Ears, Hair, Tail

- Toggles: Xmas Hat, Xmas Cape, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Xmas Undies

- Species toggles! (Cat ears can toggle on/off, Cat tail can toggle on/off, Toggle for elf ears! Human/Cat/Elf or hybrid!)

- Hueshift for Eye color

- VRLabs Fancy Marker (Stick your drawing to your body)

- Custom edited/drawn textures, custom made/edited and rigged parts

- FBT ready

• Import SDK3
• Import Poiyomi Toon 6.1.15
• Import Dynamic Bones 1.2.1
• Import Avatar package
All in that order.

Hair: Siren#0001
Head: nikkie#0088 (My Edit, not to be reused)
Body: NippNipp#0001 (My Edit, not to be reused)
Ears, Tail, Stars: Cupkake#6666
3.0 Locomotion: WetCat#6969 and Co.

Everything Else was made from scratch by me. (Entire Outfit)

My avatars are for personal use, non commercial. you may upload them privately for yourself and may not upload them to friends accounts or publicly. The assets you receive are not to be shared with others.

1. Do NOT redistribute my packages in any way, shape or form. (If you want to gift it to someone, use Gumroad's gift option where you enter your email.

2. Do NOT make any of the avatars public.

3. NO uploads to others accounts.

4. Do NOT claim as your own work.

5. You can NOT take/reuse ANY parts/assets/textures/etc. from my avatars.

6. Price splitting my packages is NOT allowed.

7. The models/assets you buy from my shop are NOT refundable.

8. If you wish to use my model/s for any kind of media/platform like Instagram/TikTok/Youtube/Vtube/Twitch/Pornhub,etc.(any kind of media that allows you to profit from it) Send me a message on Discord: @Remi#8902

9. I am not responsible for any updates that break the avatars, I do not upgrade any avatars that have already been released, that is up to the customer.

10. Your license (personal/commercial) is ONLY valid if you provide the appropriate information asked at check out (Full discord tag + VRC name). If that information is not provided, your purchase cannot be linked to you, and will NOT be valid, neither will your licenses. (could result in bans in the community or other actions against you)

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Nick aka Mr. Claus

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